Meeting Information and Materials

Jan. 9, 2023

Jan. 9 Public Meeting Materials
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Board Announcements and Other Business

Dec. 19, 2022 Environmental Health Committee Meeting Notes
Dec. 14, 2022 Health Promotion Committee Meeting Notes
CR-103E, COVID-19 Reporting Emergency Rule Filing
COVID-19 Reporting Emergency Rule Recission
DOH Provisional Reporting Letter for COVID-19
DOH Provisional Reporting Letter for MPOX
DOH Provisional Reporting Letter for CPO


Department of Health Update



Public Comment

Public comments received
Public comments received after written comment deadline (updated at 01/09/23 at 9:00 a.m.)


Emergency Rulemaking, On-site Sewage Systems, WAC 246-272A-0110, Proprietary Products and Supply Chain Shortages

On-site Sewage Systems Cover Memo
Department of Health Original Request Memo
Rule Language
DOH Rule Summary & Component-Replacement Approvals
Draft 3rd CR-103E for On-site Sewage Systems Proprietary Treatment Products
Statutory Authority


Rule Update, On-site Sewage Systems, chapter 246-272A WAC

On-site Sewage Systems Cover Memo
Department of Health Presentation
Summary of Draft Rule Changes
Statutory Authority


Rulemaking Petition, Environmental Health and Safety Standards for Primary and Secondary Schools, chapter 246-366A WAC

Rulemaking Petition Cover Memo (updated 01/09/23 at 8:00 a.m.)
Washington State Board of Health Presentation (updated 01/09/23 at 8:03 a.m.)
Rulemaking Petition
ESHB 1139, chapter 154, laws of 2021
WAC 246-366A-130
Statutory Authority
Rulemaking Petition Policy


2023 Legislative Statement

Legislative Statement Cover Memo
Board Policy 2001-001
Draft 2023-2024 Legislative Statement with Edits
Draft 2023-2024 Legislative Statement


Briefing, Abbreviated Rulemaking for Human Remains Reduced Through Natural Organic Reduction, chapter 246-500-055 WAC

Abbreviated Rulemaking Cover Memo
Washington State Board of Health Presentation
Statutory Authority
Exception Rulemaking RCW 34.05.310(4)(d)


Complaint, Local Health Officers

Complaint Cover Memo
Local Health Officers Complaint
Complaint Supplemental Information
References Cited in Complaint Documents
Statutory Authority
Board Policy Responding to Complaints