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March 13, 2024

March 13 Public Meeting Materials
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Announcements and Other Board Business

Shay Bauman, Policy Advisor Biography
Snohomish County Health Department Complaint Dismissal and Additional Correspondence
Petition Denial Response – Color Vision Deficiency

CR-103 E Onsite Sewage Systems
CR-103P OSS WAC-246-272

February Health Promotion Committee Meeting Notes

February Environmental Health Committee Meeting Notes

Correspondence Bill Osmunson Hearing Request


Newborn Screening Annual Report

Department of Health Presentation
Newborn Screening Annual Report Tables


Request for Delegated rulemaking – On-Site Sewage Systems, 246-272A-110 WAC -Possible Action

Delegated Rulemaking Cover Memo
Delegation Authority

Delegation Process Document

Department of Health Letter Requesting Delegation

Department of Health Presentation


Swinomish Tribe

If materials are presented at the meeting, they will be uploaded as soon as possible following receipt. 

Presenter Bios for:
Beverly Keyes 
Cheyanne Warren
Rachael Hogan


Pro-Equity Anti-Racism (PEAR) Plan

PEAR Cover Memo
Executive Order 22-02

Executive Order 22-04

State Board of Health Presentation

Washington Office of Equity PEAR Plan and Playbook


State Health Report Community Panel

State Health Report Cover Memo
State Board of Health Panel Overview Presentation
Community Panel Biographies

State Health Report Topic Overviews and Connection to State Board of Health Work

Community Panelist Presentation – Tubman Center for Health & Freedom
Community Panelist Presentation - North Sound Accountable Community of Health

North Sound Accountable Community of Health One-Pager

Community Panelist Presentation - Jefferson Healthcare

Jefferson County and Maternal Care Background Information


Petition Request – WAC 246-290-220, Group A Water Systems

Petition Request Cover Memo 
State Board of Health Petition Policy

WAC 246-290-220

Bill Osmunson Petition for Rulemaking
Petition Supporting Documents A-F

State Board of Health Presentation


2024 Board Meeting Schedule Review

2024 Meeting Schedule


Board Member Comments and Updates

No Materials Available