Meeting Information and Materials

Jan. 10, 2024

Jan. 10 Public Meeting Materials
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Public Comment

Public Comment Received - Available Jan. 5 
Public Comment Received - Available Jan 8 due to quarantine filter
Written Comment Received After Deadline 11-08-23
Written Comment Received During Meeting 11-08-23


Announcements and Other Board Business

Paj Nandi, Board Member Biography 
Ashley Bell, Equity and Engagement Manager Biography
Office of Financial Management (OFM) Environmental Justice Council (EJC) Response Letter
CR-101 Newborn Screening for GAMT and ARG1-D
Environmental Health Committee Meeting Notes
Health Promotion Committee Meeting Notes


2024 Legislative Session Preview

Washington Association of Local Public Health Officials (WSALPHO) Presentation


Water Recreation Petition WAC 246-260 Update

Water Recreation Petition Update Cover Memo
Department of Health  (Department) Presentation


State Health Report

State Board of Health (Board) Presentation
2022 State Health Report

Statutory Authority


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Panel 

IAQ Panel Cover Memo
Panelist Biographies
List of Board Rules Related to IAQ

State Building Code Council (SBCC) Presentation

Department of Health (Department) Presentation

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Region 10 Presentation

Public Health - Seattle King County Presentation

Delta E Consulting Presentation 


Rules Hearing— On-Site Sewage Systems (OSS), Chapter 242-272A WAC - Public Testimony - Possible Action

Rules Hearing - OSS Cover Memo
Department of Health (Department) Presentation

CR-102, Proposed Rule

CR-102 regla propuesta
Written Public Comments

Summary of Public Comments and Staff Responses and Recommendations

Significant Analysis

Small Business Economic Impact Statement

Summary of Proposed Rule Changes (Factsheet)

Resumido de los cambios de reglas propuestos

Key Proposed Rule Changes (Factsheet)

Cambios de reglas clave propuestos
Homeowner Cost Impacts at a Glance (Factsheet)

Resumen del impacto en los costos para propietarios de viviendas

Statutory Authority


Emergency Rulemaking – On-Site Sewage Systems (OSS), WAC 246-272A-0110, Proprietary Treatment Products and Supply Chain Shortages – Possible Action

Emergency Rulemaking - OSS Cover Memo
Department of Health (Department) Original Request Memo

Rule Language

Draft Sixth CR-103E, OSS Proprietary Treatment Products

Department of Health (Department), OSS Component-Replacement Approvals (Factsheet)

Statutory Authority


Petition for Rulemaking for Chapter 246-760 WAC, Visual Screening Standards – School Districts
-- Possible Action

Visual Screening Standards Cover Memo
Petition Request

State Board of Health (Board) Presentation
Supplemental Document - National Guidelines and Policies for Childhood Vision Screenings

Statutory Authority

State Board of Health (Board) Petition Policy


2024 Legislative Statement

2024 Legislative Statement Cover Memo
Draft Legislative Statement

Board Policy 2001-001 Legislation


Snohomish County Health Department (SCHD) Complaint

SCHD Complaint Cover Memo

Complaint Supplemental Statement of Authorities

Health Official Response to Complaint

Statutory Authority

State Board of Health (Board) Rules Cited in Complaint

State Board of Health (Board)
 Policy for Responding to Complaints


Board Member Comments and Concerns

No Materials Available